DySES conferences

Dynamics of Socio Economic Systems (DySES) is an organization created initially by a group of Argentinian Scientists, directed by Prof. Araceli Noemi Proto, about 15 years ago, as an umbrella organization to encourage interdisciplinary research on socio economic systems in general; then, the group has been enlarged by researchers coming from all over the world.

The scope of DySES conferences has always been rather largely defined, e.g. it includes finance and not just economics. In general the main emphasis has been on interdisciplinary collaborations and on new techniques capable of describing and predicting future behavior of socio economic systems. Typically methods have been discussed, that could be used to assist in decision-making processes. In general topics have often been on criteria of reliability prediction, decision and uncertainty.

The main aim of DySES has therefore been to foster collaboration among the participants (mathematics, economics, statistics, physics, computer science, sociology, psychology….)┬áby making an international conference every two years.


DySES Conference History
DySES 2009: Pinamar, Argentina
DySES 2010: Benevento, Italy
DySES 2012: Ushuaia, Argentina
DySES 2014: Sevilla, Spain
DySES 2016: La Habana, Cuba